Foyer combines the unique atmosphere of an Austrian café and an atmospheric bar. It built its reputation on serving a fantastic range of coffee, non-alcoholic drinks, beer, wine or other drinks of first-class quality. Homemade snacks and the friendly service will make you feel at home.

Get yourself to the Foyer for a good time!

Visiting Graz is always exciting and brings you moments of surprise, amazement and fun. Since the Foyer is directly in the city, it is the perfect place to relax, have a business appointment or meet friends ... no matter if you are on a family vacation, away on business or enjoying a long weekend.

Don’t forget to ask for the special offer of the week.

Opening times:

  • Open Monday through Friday:
  • 08:00 am till 09:30 pm
  • Open Saturday:
  • 08:00 am till 08:00 pm
  • On Sundays and on public holidays:
  • closed